Decorative illusionary painting and artwork


Welcome to the official website of studio EM. We have been active since 1996 and our main focus is in illusive decorative stucco paintings, trompe-l'œil, represented for example in the baroque chateau in Vranov nad Dyjí, the Classicist hunting chateau Kozel, and Bítov castle. Painted optical illusions can replace plastic stucco decorations while retaining the atmosphere of a period interior. The technique is primarily used where there is no original stucco or original paintings preserved after renovation.


A lost art


Trompe-l'œil stucco (or illusive stucco painting) is a forgotten art which ceased to exist at the turn of the 19th century. Our studio wants to revive this art. A good example of the use of this style is in a bridal suite of a castle hotel, which is far more attractive to visitors than the existing white walls, also complemented with stylish furniture. An office in a historic building decorated with illusive stucco painting significantly raises the prestige of its tenants. Don’t hesitate to get yourself a customized interior, delivered with paintings from our catalogue. We also offer work painted exactly to your requirements.


We have established good relations with several renowned architects, major developers and owners of private residences. Through this collaboration and rich experience we can offer our clients a premium quality service, and meet the most demanding of requirements. We offer these services throughout the Czech Republic. Please look at our references and contact us with your own requirements.